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This is a wonderfully rich and decadent caamel sauce made with Pure Orange Blossom Honey.  Its made in small batches once a week.  It is the perfect combination of caremal and honey.

Pairing:  Try drizzling the caramel honey over apples, pears, cheesecake, ice cream, apple pie, pancakes, or just eat it out of the jar like we do!

Ingredients: Honey, brown sugar, cream, orange peel powder, cornstarch, soy lecithin (as an emulsifier), sea salt, butter, pollen.


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This Pure brand wildflower honey is soaked organic food grade lavender grown on the local farm to give the honey the special essence of calming lavender.  Its sweet and earthy with light floral undertones of lavendar.

Pairing: Try this infused lavender honey drizzled over goat cheese with walnuts, yogurt with berries, or whatever your heart desires.  It is a tea drinkers favorite!

Ingredients: Raw honey, pollen, lavender


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Depending on where the bees forage it creates different taste, textures, and colors of honey.  This honey is made by bees in the orange groves of Northern California.  This creates a raw all natural orange blossom varietal of honey that explodes with rich citrus and floral flavor.

Pairings: Pure Orange Blossom Honey is delicious drizzled over creamy blue cheese on fig, gorgonzola, strawberries, or melons.  It is delicious baked into baklava.  This honey is like having the taste of sweet sunshine.


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This all natural wildflower honey is a wonderful blend of a variety of wild flowers growing in and around Yolo, Sacramento, Solano, Napa, and Sonoma counties.  The flavor profile is balanced and rich due to the diversity of wild flowers the bees visit.

Pairing: Add it to your tea or coffee, drizzled over toast, and it is a great subsitute for syrup or refined sugar.  Not to mention, its an all time favorite with the kids.  Having issues with you local allergies?  A daily tablespoon of our wildflower honey will help combat those too.

Ingredients: Raw honey, pollen


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This cinnamon infused honey is a mixture of raw wildflower honey and Ceylon cinnamon.  The properties of raw, all natural honey and Ceylon cinnamon creates a healthy and tasty treat.

Pairing: The cinnamon infused honey is perfect in coffee or tea.  Drizzled over toast, waffles, or oatmeal.  Try also baked or cooking with this delicious infused honey.

Ingredients: Raw honey, pollen, Ceylon cinnamon


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This Habanero Infused honey is made from raw wildflower honey and mix in Habanero spice and crushed red pepper flakes.  This creates a fun sweet and spicy honey!

Pairing:  Try drizzling the habanero honey over brie or cream cheese.  It pairs perfectly with basting or marinating fish, pork, or chicken.  Try it whipped with butter for a sweet and spicy treat with cornbread.

Ingredients: Raw honey, pollen, crushed red pepper flakes, and Habanero spice.


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