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Our Coconut Infused White Balsamic is fabulous in vinaigrettes or other dressings used on green salads with citrus and citrus based sauces.  

Try using it with soy sauce, grated ginger, and a bit of lemon juice as a dipping sauce for seared ahi or other firm fish or as a marinate for grilled shrimp skewers.  The uses are endless and give a unique tropical island flair to your dishes!


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This balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy is aged together with South American pure cocoa in cherry wood barrels.

This exotic condiment is exquisite on game meats, fresh soft cheese, fruit fondues, desserts, pastries, yogurt, ice cream, and waffles.


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Starting with balsamic vinegar from Central California, concentrated fresh figs are added to create this jammy, rich vinegar.

Use it to create a unique CA style dressing for a wide variety of salads or use it to create a delectable reduction sauce for pork.


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This rich and syrypy cask aged honey ginger balsamic vinegar from Modena has a fruity aroma and a wonderful flavor.  Its perfect on salad and vegetables, fish, poultry, roasted meats, and sweet and savory dishes.  You can even try it over ice cream.

Try adding it to a vegetable stir-fry to kick it up a notch and your friends will be dying to know what secret ingredient you used!  


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The white peaches are picked perfectly ripe, crushed, and left to ferment naturally.  Balsamic vinegar that has been aged in oak barrels is then added for a sweet and fruity vinegar.

We recommend using it on red meat and game, green or fruit salads, fish, and soft mild cheeses.


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This balsamic is sweet and tart with the delicious taste of fresh pineapple.  

We love it over fruit, mixed with yogurt, as a glaze for chicken or fish, or on a salad with our Orange Infused Olive Oil.  Its also delicious added to cole slaw for an extra flavor boost!


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The use of California fruit with balsamic vinegar from Central CA creates a sweet, luscious vinegar with strong pomegranate overtones.  

Blend it with Lemon Olive Oil to create a dressing for a spinach, walnut, and strawberry salad sprinkled with feta. 


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For salad dressings, dipping sauces for veggies and bread, sauces, and marinades.

Add a little orange juice to a summer vinaigrette and dress a salad of thinly slice fennel, orange slices, dried cranberries, mixed greens, and chevre.


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From salad dressings to dipping sauces for veggies and bread to a zesty addition to sauces and marinades, this Pumkin Spice Balsamic is sure to shine. 

Drizzle over butter lettuce and thinly sliced beef by itself for a gourmet wrap.  Decorate a platter of beet carpaccio with paper thin slices of beets, red onion, and feta cheese with a drizzle of Pumpkin Spice Balsamic.  For a special treat, drizzle some over vanilla ice cream.


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This cask aged balsamic vinegar has a lovely robust berry flavor that can be used in many of the same ways as our Blueberry Balsamic Vingegar such as steak, venison, or salmon glaze.

Additionally, it is great on roasted ham or ribs and of course, on an endless number of desserts.  It works exceptionally well mixed with our Italian Herb Olive Oil.


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