Gourmet Jam



----Stuff into a pork loin or try with a pork chop.  Also works great with lamb and chicken.  Try it over warmed brie drizzled with honey and walnuts! ----

Savory with Hints of Warming Spices

Handcrafted with Rendez-vous Malbec Port by Preserve Farm Kitchen

Ingredients:  Cranberries, apples, Rendez-vous Malbec Port, brown sugar, onions, spices, vinegar, salt


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----- Great for Glazing Ham or Turkey! -----

Subtlety Sweet and Slightly Spicy

 Handcrafted with Rendez-vous Malbec Port by Preserve Farm Kitchen

Ingredients: Rendez-vous Malbec Port Wine, sugar, pectin, habanero, clove, cinnamon


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