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Catered After-hours Dinner

Mar 2, 2017

A Catered Dinner at Rendez-vous

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        -- Every dinner has a personalized menu by our Chefs --













      -- The beautiful & historic Old Sugar Mill at night --










 -- The entire gallery of the Old Sugar Mill is yours for the evening -- 











-- Beets, Pickled Onion & Chevre Salad --

































     -- Minestrone Soup with Parmesan Crisp --











 -- Every course is made to pair with our Rendez-vous wine for the ultimate dinner experience --









































-- Chicken Ravioli & mushroom Medley Brown Butter Cream Sauce --









-- The gorgeous ladies behind every spectacular Rendez-vous event --

Thank you Lindsay & Jen!























 -- Apple & cherry cobbler with a basil whipped cream --



Interested in hosting an event with us? Contact Chef Jenifer  at for catering options to enjoy all that Rendez-vous has to offer.

We're currently taking reservations for Spring & Summer.

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