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From vineyard to bottle, we take great care in the winemaking process. Wine may not ship immediately during the summer months. Exposure to elevated temperatures carries the risk of weakened or altered flavors and leaks.

Severe heat can cause wine to expand, even to the point of pushing the cork out of the bottle.  Due to this, we may need to hold shipped orders until the weather has reduced to a “wine-friendly” temperature. 


This popular sparkler is a blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Dry Muscat fruit all locally sourced from Clarksburg.  With a bouquet of pear, vanilla, and bright citrus this super refreshing sparkling wine is a wonderful patio sipper and also makes a wonderfully gourmet mimosa!

Color: Warm Straw         

Nose: Pear, Caramel, Vanilla, Dry Straw, Honey, Crisp Citrus

Mouth: Soft Butter cream, Honey crisp Apple, Star fruit

Finish: Nice Balanced Acidity


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Clarksburg is considered by many to be the most respected region in the USA for Chenin Blanc.  Our Chenin Blanc has a citrusy, elder flower, juicy nose and is bursting with flavors of star fruit, sweet straw and acidity with tangs of soft citrus and honeysuckle.  This wine is incredibly versatile to pair foods with and is wonderfully easy to drink.


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Talk about a show stopper!  We took the white wine sweepstakes at the 2017 CA State Fair Commercial Wine Competition and won best White Wine in the state.  We made this local Clarksburg Viognier (pronounced "Vee-own-yay") in a classic style.  Bright acidity meets bursting tropical fruit that's studded with lightly floral notes.  It has a sensuous texture and expressive characteristics that allow it to hold up well to a wide range of foods.  Try it with buttered lobster for an out of this world pairing!!

Color: Crystal

Nose: Tropical Fruit, Citrus Blossom, Hibiscus, Passion Fruit, Perfumed Peach

Mouth: Crisp Acidity, Rose Water, White Peach, Honeysuckle

Finish: Lipsmacking Sweet Citrus and Exotic Tropical Fruit


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The fertile soils and Delta microclimate helped us to produce a luscious and crisp Riesling.  This small lot dry Riesling pops with jasmine, lemon, and pineapple notes.  It has a clean, acidic, and lingering finish.

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Perhaps one of our most playful wines, this Dry Muscat is a surprise on your palette!  It has all the flavors of a classic Muscat without all the sweetness.  It’s got a strong acidic backbone and a light floral finish.  The Muscat' A Deux is characterized by soft flavors of jasmine and ripe tropical fruit.  With a slightly off dry finish, this wine is clean and balanced. 

Color: Soft Iridescence 

Nose: Honeysuckle, Arnold Palmer Tea, Vanilla Bean, Caramelized Sugar (Rock Candy!), Bubblegum

Mouth: Lemon, Jasmine, Candied Pear, Lemon Starbust, Candied Cashew, Tea Leaves

Finish: Very soft with lightly sweet floral notes


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We had so many people ask for a Sauvignon Blanc, our wine maker Larry decided to work his magic and make one!!  Our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc was aged in stainless to bring out the crisp acidity of the fruit and to highlight the bold herbaceous and lively citrus notes the grape is known for.  Our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc bursts with Meyer lemon, tart green apple, notes of lychee, and grapefruit.  Get ready for a bright and tart finish with a rush of fresh fruit and soft cream.  Talk about an easy sipper!

Color: Crystal Citron

Nose: Lemon Blossom, Lychee, Candied Grapefruit, Hibiscus, Tea Leaves

Mouth: Grapefruit, Melon, Lemon Custard, Pineapple

Finish: Bright and Tart Acidity Mingling with Fresh Fruits and Soft Cream.

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Sourced from the vineyard directly across the street from the Old Sugar Mill, this Chardonnay is a true Clarksburg classic.  We use a winning combo of stainless and oak aging for Chardonnays to make the fruit truly shine.  Our 2016 Chardonnay starts with aromas of vanilla butter cream, tropical fruit, and grilled nectarine which evolves into the first sip that's lingering with crisp acidity, French Oak, candied grapefruit peel, and peach blossom.  The balance of fruit, acid, and vanilla make this wine shine!

Color: Antique Crystal

Nose: Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Dried Hay, Grilled Nectarine, Blossoming Apple Branch, Tropical Fruit

Mouth: Crisp Acidity, The Crust of Butter White Toast, Tart Green Apple, Lemon Pound Cake, Peach Blossom

Finish:  Well rounded fruit finish with bursts of warming vanilla and toasted marshmallows



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Always a Club de Vin favorite, this is our proprietary white blend of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and a splash of sweet Pinto Grigio.  Its rich (slightly sweet) tropical fruit flavors are enhanced with light citrus and tangy acidity.  This is the perfect wine for sipping in front of the fireplace and pairs beautifully with spicy Southeast Asian foods.

Flavor Pairing: Thai Curry and White Fish

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