Red Wine


Playfully fruity, this Grenache bursts with ripe berry flavors.  Light and refreshing, full of bright strawberry flavors accentuated by raspberry, red cherry and lingering spice.  A clean, juicy finish with great acidity.


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We love nothing more than to shake things up here at Rendez-vous and this wine is like no other we’ve ever made before! In crafting our Delta Banks, Larry and our tasting room team blended together five varietals from the Clarksburg appellation. The wine opens up like you’re walking through a redwood forest with a bouquet that’s reminiscent of wood, caramelized plum, anise, and dark stone fruit. The first sip brings you some lively spice that dances with mulberry, tart cherry, and rich unsweetened cocoa.  The blend finishes with a lasting crisp acidity and some subtly lingering tannins. While it’s delicious now, lay it down for a few years and you’ll be in for a real treat!

Color: Rust Ruby

Nose: Redwood forest, caramelized plum, anise, dark stone fruit, boysenberry, leather

Mouth: Mulberry, tart cherry, unsweetened cocoa, eucalyptus, lively spice, juniper  

Finish: lasting w/ crisp acidity and lingering subtle tannins


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The Rendez-Rouge red blend has incrementally improved over the last few years and this is by far our best one yet!  Always a crowd pleaser, our latest Rendez-Rouge stays true to its roots that have made it our most popular wine.  The Rendez-Rouge is big and bold, smooth and rich, jammy and sexy; it’s our proprietary blend with more than a few saucy secrets.  While it’s delicious now, lay it down for a few years and you’ll be in for a real treat.


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