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From vineyard to bottle, we take great care in the winemaking process. Wine may not ship immediately during the summer months. Exposure to elevated temperatures carries the risk of weakened or altered flavors and leaks.

Severe heat can cause wine to expand, even to the point of pushing the cork out of the bottle.  Due to this, we may need to hold shipped orders until the weather has reduced to a “wine-friendly” temperature.



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Our unique 2016 Clarksburg Tempranillo is truly a popular treat.  It has all the leather, tobacco, wood spice notes you expect from a traditional Tempranillo but packs a jammy punch.  This wine is incredibly versatile and will pair well with everything from red meat to Mexican food! 

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With its deep color, low tannins, and firm acidity, our 2016 Barbera is approachable and soft.  We especially love the subtle bursts of jammy fruit that co-mingle with complex earth, mineral, and woodsy flavors. 

Color: Burnt Caramel Ruby

Nose: Oak, Spice, Bright Berry, Ripe Red Cherry, Mulberry, Warm Vanilla, Anise

Mouth: Bright Acidity, Subtle Spice, Bursting Flavor, Oak, Rich Berries, Vanilla

Finish: Clean, Soft, Aromatic Finish

Flavor Pairing:  Rustic Italian.  Think rich tomato based sauces and slow braised meats.

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Sunsets over the vineyards and the brilliant crimson rose Clarksburg sky inspired this wine. Our **brand new** Cabernet Sauvignon blend bursts with ripe black and red fruit with a firm tannic structure and herbaceous notes.  It begs fo dinners lingering with good friends & food as the evening turns to a ruddy golden and fades into memories.


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Our first Malbec sold out in 6 short months so we decided to make another!  You'll notice that there are flavors of plump black cherry and dark fruit mingling with a smoky, chocolaty smooth finish.  This full bodied red has notes of ripe black cherry, plum and is delightfully rich.

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Our last Petit Verdot was so popular that we harvested and bottled another 100% Petit Verdot! This bold and smooth Petit Verdot dances with lively tannins and velvety dark red fruit. Its deep berry flavors have masculine undertones with notes of leather, spice, and wood smoke.  With its rich and subtle finish, this will be the perfect wine to serve at any dinner party!


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