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From vineyard to bottle, we take great care in the winemaking process. Wine may not ship immediately during the summer months. Exposure to elevated temperatures carries the risk of weakened or altered flavors and leaks.

Severe heat can cause wine to expand, even to the point of pushing the cork out of the bottle.  Due to this, we may need to hold shipped orders until the weather has reduced to a “wine-friendly” temperature.



Malbec Dessert Wine

Hailed the national grape of Argentina, Malbec is making its first appearance here at Rendez-vous! With caramelized sugar and huckleberry on the nose, our brand new Malbec Dessert Wine is sure to be a wintertime classic! It is studded with notes of sweet plum jam and brandied poached pear.  With its glazed sugar cherry notes, Rendez-vous’ Malbec Dessert Wine begs for dessert!  We also love to make it into a steaming hot Mulled Wine for the holidays.

Color:  Deep Ruby, deep rich crimson

Nose: Caramelized sugar, boysenberry/huckleberry, dried mission fig, sandalwood, brandied poached pear

Mouth:  Cherry, glazed sugar, sweet plum jam

Finish:  Soft, warming finish


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This light and playful dessert wine is astonishingly citrus-forward and fun to drink.  To keep things interesting, we added a hefty splash of brandy.  It’s studded with notes of lemon sweet cream, honey suckle, and chamomile tea.


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Honoring the customary craft of creating port, our 2011 Late Harvest Petite Sirah was fortified with Kirsch (a distilled wine spirit most likened to brandy).  Visually a deep rimmed red, this wine is extremely soft, fruity, and smooth.  With its rich black cherry notes, this Late Harvest Petite Sirah practically begs for chocolate.


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