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From vineyard to bottle, we take great care in the winemaking process. Wine may not ship immediately during the summer months. Exposure to elevated temperatures carries the risk of weakened or altered flavors and leaks.

Severe heat can cause wine to expand, even to the point of pushing the cork out of the bottle.  Due to this, we may need to hold shipped orders until the weather has reduced to a “wine-friendly” temperature.




Barrel aged for 3 years, then bottle aged for 1 more...this brand new reserve blend has quickly become a staff favorite.  A 50/50 blend of 2014 Primitivo and 2014 Petite Sirah, the Grand Reserve showcases the best of each varietal.  With notes of black cherry, vanilla, dark cocoa, and eucalyptus, the Grand Reserve is romantic and balanced. 

Flavor pairings: steak - polo con mole - aged gouda

$42.00  Qty: 

Utilizing a combination of French and American Oak barrel aging for over two years, we’re excited to be able to offer this mouth-watering Primitivo Reserve.  Brilliant garnet in color and rimmed with hues of rose petal, our 2012 Primitivo is brightly juicy with hints of cranberry and raspberries.  It finishes clean and crisp with bursts of tangy acidity.


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We pulled aside a VERY small lot of 2012 Petite Sirah to put in hybrid American and French oak barrels and let the aging process do its magic for over two years.  Royal crimson in color, this Petite Sirah is unlike anything we’ve ever produced.  Rich vanilla fuses with elderberry, tobacco and red plum.  Our staff likes to describe the flavors as dark and stormy.  It’s mysterious with a pronounced and blossoming berry finish.


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