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2017 Chenin Blanc

Clarksburg is considered by many to be the most respected and notable growing region in the USA for Chenin Blanc.  The fertile soils and the unique Delta microclimate produce some of the highest quality Chenin Blancs we've ever tasted.  Our Clarksburg Chenin Blanc has a citrusy, elder flower, juicy nose and is bursting with flavors of juicy fruit.  This wine is incredibly versatile to pair with foods and is dangerously easy to drink.

Color:  Light Crystal 
Nose:  Citrus Blossom, Tropical Fruit, Elderflower, Juicy White Peach 
Mouth:  Sweet Straw, Balanced Acidity, Tangy Soft Citrus, Honeysuckle
Finish:  Soft and Dry with a Lasting Impression of Herbal Tea and White Peach 
Flavor Pairings:  Mac & Cheese, Salmon, Triple Cream Brie

Cost: $ 19.00

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