2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Talk about a perfect warm weather sipper!  With its gorgeous jeweled cranberry color, this versatile wine is bright and refreshing.  Our Cabernet Sauvignon Rose gets its playful pink color from minimal skin contact.  It's lightly dry with juicy notes and a pleasantly acidic finish.

Color:  Bubblegum Pink (or Jeweled Cranberry if you're fancy!)
Nose:  Red Pepper Jelly, Strawberry, Juicy Red Cherry 
Mouth:  Juicy Berries, Lightly Dry, Slight Minerality
Finish:  Crisp and Acidic with Fruit and Minerality Co-mingling
Flavor Pairings:  Grilled Cheese, Seafood/Shellfish

Cost: $ 21.00

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