2017 Chardonnay

Sourced from the vineyard directly across the road from our winery, we're graced with gorgeous Clarksburg sunsets over this Chardonnay vineyard that feel a bit like this wine tastes: sunny and magical.  Larry has perfected his technique of using a winning combo of stainless and oak aging that has turns our Chardonnay into a true Clarksburg classic.

Color:  Golden Sunshine 
Nose:  Whipped Buttercream, Earthy Dried Hay, Crisp Green Apple Covered in Caramel, Vanilla 
Mouth:  Crisp Acidity, Buttered Toast, Cotton Candy, Butterscotch
Finish:  Rich and Warm with a Full, Buttery Finish
Flavor Pairings:  Caramel Corn, Sharp White English Cheddar, Herbed Chicken Breast

Cost: $ 24.00

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