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Rendez vous Winery




Looking for something fresh and new?

Try some of our favorite Wine Spiked Cocktails for your next event...or a Tuesday!


Dynamite Sprig

Combine all ingredients with ice. Stir or shake well to mix and transfer to your favorite Cocktail Glass. Top with a splash of bubbly and garnish with Lemon and Rosemary. Cheers!


Delta Sunrise

Carefully pour your brut into a fancy glass, top with Oj and float with syrup. try a fun garnish like an orange slice and marachino cherry.

Apple cider mimosa

Wet the rim of a champagne flute just enough to get sugar sto stick and rim the glass with cinnamon sugar. pour 2 oz of cider into your glass and top with bubbles. Garnish as desired (apple slices and cinnamon stick, yes please!)
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The Spicy Rose

Combine Dynamite, Lime juice and syrup in a shaker. Muddle watermelon and jalapeno slices until blended. Strain into a glass filled with ice and top with Rendez-vous Sparkling Rosè. Garnish with mint, watermelon and jalapeno. 

cranberry snap warm cider

combine all ingredients in a small pot or crockpot. Heat on low for 15-20 minutes without boiling. Remove spices and keep warm. garnish with cranberries and a cinnamon stick. 
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Muddle 1 Jalapeno and 1/2 a lime in a glass. Add the margarita mix, wine and ice. Cover and shake well. Strain over ice in your favorite salt rimmed glass. Garnish with remaining jalapeno and lime and enjoy. Fun twist: rim the glass with equal parts salt and Tajin